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What to Do if You are Stopped at a DUI Checkpoint

Posted by Brian Wilton on May 18, 2015
The very first question you may be asking yourself when you get stopped at a DUI checkpoint is, “Do they even have a right to stop me? I wasn’t doing anything wrong!”
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Can I Get a Temporary or Work License After DUI?

Posted by Brian Wilton on September 12, 2014
One of the frequent consequences of being caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in New Jersey is that you will lose your driver’s license. If a defendant is found guilty of a DWI or on a refusal charge, he will usually be ordered to immediately turn his driver’s license over to the court.
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You’ve Been Charged with DUI/DWI in New Jersey. What Now?

Posted by Brian Wilton on August 8, 2014
If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol, or driving while intoxicated, you are probably in a panic about the future. A DUI/DWI conviction could result in financial, criminal and driving penalties. You could lose your license. You could lose your job. In some cases, [...]
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Widows of Motorcyclists Suing Bar for Over-serving Drunk Driver

Posted by Brian Wilton on March 14, 2014
Two motorcyclists from New Jersey were killed and four other were injured in a drunk driving accident last summer in Bangor. Newspaper reports indicate the driver of a pick-up truck was speeding on Route 512 when he crossed the center lane and struck a group of motorcyclists. Along with the driver of the pick-up, [...]
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Despite More Police, Drunk Driving up After Super Bowl Victory

Posted by Brian Wilton on March 14, 2014
New York Giant’s fans really know how to party, but according to state police more people were arrested for drunk driving after the 2012 Super Bowl victory than the 176 that were arrested in 2008. In preparation for the big game, New Jersey police thought they had learned from the Giant’s 2008 triumph and added over [...]
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Playgrounds - Is Your Child at Risk of Injury?

Playing on a playground is an enjoyable activity for many children throughout the United States and many visit playgrounds on almost a daily basis. Playgrounds are not only good for recreation and entertainment but also for physical activity and socialization. Unfortunately, playgrounds also pose the risks of injuries... Read More »

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