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2 Signs that Your Slip and Fall was Caused by Negligence

Posted by Frank Wilton on August 4, 2016
Slip and falls accidents are among the most common cause of accidental injury in the United States, resulting in some 8.9 million emergency department visits each year. Like other preventable accidents in New Jersey, if you can establish that your slip and fall accident was caused by the negligence of a property owner [...]
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Beyond Cuts and Bruises: Dog Bites and Serious Infections

Posted by Brian Wilton on July 26, 2016
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that an estimated 4.5 people experience dog bites on an annual basis in the U.S. In many cases, dog bites can result in bruising, cuts, or other seemingly minor injuries. However, even dog bites that seem relatively minor can have serious complications that [...]
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Can I Afford a Personal Injury Attorney

Posted by Frank Wilton on July 21, 2016
After the initial shock of an accident begins to wear off, many people begin to worry about how they will be able to pay for the associated expenses. Accidents can cause a variety of financial losses – you may be looking at thousands of dollars in medical expenses, property damage, and may lose months of income. With [...]
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TBI: Common Result of Construction Site Accidents

Posted by Brian Wilton on July 19, 2016
Construction sites are often highly dangerous locations. These sites are inherently unstable as there are structures in various stages of development and completion. Construction sites often involve trenches, scaffolding, heavy machinery, and other dangerous circumstances that can result in injury to both construction [...]
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Three Important Things to Know About Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in New Jersey

Posted by Brian Wilton on August 6, 2015
If you’ve been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, it’s only natural that would want to seek compensation for your medical expenses and the time you have spend away from work. You’re not greedy but you did have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now your quality of life has [...]
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Defamation: One Form of Personal Injury You Might Not Have Considered

Posted by Brian Wilton on July 28, 2015
When people think about personal injury lawsuits, they often think of catastrophic brain injuries, car accidents, limb loss, slip and fall accidents or events of that nature. There is, however, one form of legally designated personal injury that many may not have considered: defamation of character.
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Bad Car Repairs: Hidden Causes of Serious Injury

Posted by Brian Wilton on February 3, 2015
We put a lot of trust into our auto repairmen. We trust that they won’t overcharge us. We trust that they know what is really wrong with our cars. We also trust that when we hire them, they will do their jobs well. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard the stories of unscrupulous auto mechanics who attempt to – and often [...]
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More Than 1,000 People a Day Are Injured Thanks to Doctor Negligence

Posted by Brian Wilton on January 6, 2015
Medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Fatal medical errors are also one of the most preventable causes of death. In fact, according to the Journal of Patient Safety, over 440,000 people are killed by medical mistakes each year. That’s more than 1,000 people every day! Further, [...]
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NJ Dump Truck Stuck in Sinkhole is Premises Liability Nightmare

Posted by Brian Wilton on October 8, 2014
The last thing you expect when you drive onto a strip mall parking lot is to wind up in a sink hole. The driver of a dump truck on a Hillsdale, NJ construction site in early October must have been equally as confused when, while pouring tar into a new section on the parking lot, his right tire sunk into the ground. [...]
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Playgrounds - Is Your Child at Risk of Injury?

Playing on a playground is an enjoyable activity for many children throughout the United States and many visit playgrounds on almost a daily basis. Playgrounds are not only good for recreation and entertainment but also for physical activity and socialization. Unfortunately, playgrounds also pose the risks of injuries... Read More »

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